Buy Testosterone Heptylate

Testosterone Heptylate is an effective steroid and has been around for quite a while; more than six decades to be precise. It is manufactured by a French pharmaceutical firm Laboratoire Theramex which incidentally is the only firm to manufacture this steroid. It is available as Testosterone Heptylate Thermax in the market.

Testosterone Heptylate is known to exhibit strong anabolic as well as androgenic properties. You can buy testosterone heptylate if you desire better and quicker muscle strength and muscle mass build up. This steroid is more commonly used in Europe where athletes, body builders and power lifters buy testosterone heptylate for pronounced strength and muscle gain.

The use of testosterone heptylate results in a better muscle mass build up because testosterone heptylate increases protein synthesis. The intake of this steroid also causes an increase in the appetite. As muscles require protein to grow that is why the users of this steroid are advised to consume a protein rich diet in order to use this steroid to its fullest. 

Benefits of Testosterone Heptylate

Testosterone heptylate is a potent steroid; it gives maximum muscle gains. The muscles gained are solid as this drug does not encourage water retention. Another advantage you get when you buy testosterone heptylate is that it increases the number of red blood cells in the body; for this reason, testosterone heptylate is also useful in treating anemia.  Testosterone heptylate is also useful in the treatment of AIDS and chromosomes damage among children. The strength gains with testosterone heptylate are incredible and this explains its popularity with body builders. The stamina build up with this steroid causes the endurance level of the body to rise and so the user recovers quickly from the strenuous exercise. 


Another good thing about testosterone heptylate is its flexibility; you can buy testosterone heptylate and stack it with other steroids for maximum results and little side effects. Testosterone heptylate also has a decent half life; it lasts for 20 days in the users’ body and needs to be injected only once a week. Generally the normal dosage needed by men is 250 mg per week. However male body builders and athletes often take 750 mg per week. Women require a relatively lower dose ranging between 50 to 100 mg per week. However like all steroids higher doses may produce better results but they make the user more vulnerable to the nasty side effects such as Virilization in women and failure of the normal production of testosterone in men.

Buying Testosterone Heptylate Offline and Online

Testosterone heptylate is easily available in France where you can buy testosterone heptylate from pharmacies. Whereas in France a 250mg pack costs under US $5, in USA the same thing is available for $15 on the black market. To buy testosterone heptylate from black market is always risky as the chances of buying under-dosed or even fake drugs are quite common. For this reason it is advisable to buy testosterone heptylate online.

There are numerous online pharmacies from where you can buy testosterone heptylate. These pharmacies do not ask for a prescription and ship you the required steroid within 10 to 14 days of placing an order. You can be assured of complete privacy ad safe packaging. The online pharmacies only deal with genuine steroids and it’s the best place to buy testosterone heptylate.

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