Side Effects of Testosterone Heptylate

Testosterone heptylate is a powerful steroid which has been on the market for more than fifty years. Manufactured by a French pharmaceutical firm Laboratoire Theramex, it is easily available in Europe. In the USA, it is available on the black market. But it is better to purchase this steroid from online pharmacies as they are more reliable.

Testosterone heptylate produces wonderful results; it gives you great strength gains, more stamina for enhanced performance and solid muscle mass gain. As testosterone heptylate does not cause water retention, the muscles built are quiet solid and have a more ripped and defined look.  The user of testosterone heptylate experiences a significant increase in the appetite and is advised to eat a protein rich diet. This helps in gaining muscles as testosterone stimulates protein synthesis and so more protein is used in the muscle growth. The number of red blood cells in the body increases too with the use of testosterone heptylate.

Due to its fairly decent half life, testosterone heptylate remains active in the body for around 20 days. The recommended dose for men is around 250 mg per week whereas women are advised not to exceed the limit by 100mg per week.

Nasty Side Effects

For quicker results, men often exceed the recommended dose and normally male body builders and power lifters are known to inject 750 mg of testosterone heptylate in one week. Though a high does give the desired results much quickly, it inhibits the natural testosterone production in the body.

Testosterones are male sex hormones which are also secreted by the body naturally. When the body receives these testosterones from other means, it curtails its normal position to keep the number of testosterones balanced. If the testosterones are injected in high doses in the body for long, it stops producing them and when the user stops taking steroids, the number of testosterones falls sharply. This results in impotency in men. As with other powerful testosterone based steroids, estrogen conversion is common with the use of testosterone heptylate. However if anti-estrogen drugs are used along with testosterone heptylate, the estrogen conversion can be controlled.


Another problem which may occur in young body builders is that testosterone heptylate can cause a premature stunting of growth. This is because testosterone heptylate causes an early closure of the growth plates called the epiphyseal plate. The epiphyseal plates are located at each end of the long bones in kids and adolescents and determine the future length of the bone. The use of testosterone heptylate causes the plates to close early thus affecting the height of the young user.

Virilization in Women

Women athletes are told to stay away from this steroid because of the Virilization properties. In virilization, women acquire male attributes; their voices thicken and they get hair all over their face and body. Prolong use of testosterone heptylate can also cause shrinking of breasts, irregular menstruation or menstruation may cease altogether. Enlarged clitoris is an irreversible condition which also occurs due to Virilization.

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