Testosterone Heptylate Profile

Testosterone Heptylate is one of the oldest esters of its kind and very commonly used due to its strong effects. It is very popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders round the world but it’s not easily available. It boosts the level of testosterone in the body which is the main reason for muscle gain, practice, exercise and enhanced performance. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for sex enhancement,

For its steroid users, it has long known benefits, it causes fast muscle and weight gain aswell as protein synthesis which causes the users’ appetite to increase and aids in muscle mass building. Users are recommended to take a high protein diet when using Testosterone Heptylate in order to get maximum mass benefits. In addition to this, it increases aggression which enables athletes to practice longer and harder resulting in more gains. Though, only using steroids cannot cause muscle gain, it has to be accompanied by practice as well as a proper diet. Compared to other drugs, Testosterone Heptylate causes less water retention. This gives muscles a very lean and solid look in contrast to steroids which cause more edema in amongst the users. This water retension gives a very bloated and puffy look to the muscles and this is certainly not what a bodybuilder looks for when using steroids.

For its medicinal usage, research is going on to see how much it can help children having chromosome damage as well as being supplementary drug for patients of AIDS and anemia. Since it helps in protein synthesis, it is believed that it can be prescribed to patients whereby it will increase their appetite and increases recover from these diseases. Due to its property of enhancing strength, it can be given to patient with fatal diseases so that they have the strength to eat more and give them enough muscles to carry on with the day to day activities.

Testosterone Heptylate has a long active life and can stay in the users’ body for 20 or more days. This is a great benefit since it means that it needs to be injected less often. With other steroids, injections need to be administered frequently which results in pain and swelling in the site of injection but this drug works well with being injected once a week to maintain testosterone levels in the body.

Recommended dosage for men is about 250mg per week while women should not use more than 50 to 100 mg per week in order to stay away from its side effects. If men want quicker gains, they can use up to 750 mg per week as well.

Like all steroids, this drug also does not come without its ill effects. Mean with prolonged usage report problems of gynomastia, meaning development of breast tissues which is something no athlete would like. In extreme cases, they may need to be removed using surgery. Women using high doses may end up with virilization effect which is the development of male secondary sex characteristics like a deep voice and face and body hair. Moreover, if used in high doses for a long time the body may stop producing its testosterone naturally. Other common side effects include acne, oily skin, aggression, and male baldness.

As far as its availability is concerned, it’s not too easily available in the USA as compared to its counterparts which are widely used. Other steroids are more commonly used there at cheaper rates. This drug is generally available in the black market for a high price; however, it is mostly bought and used by the French where it is very easily and economically available.

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